Frensham Schools Archive

Our Collection

The Frensham Schools Archive houses the collection materials for all three schools, comprising paper and photographic records, donated items and the Sturt Permanent Collection.

Sturt Permanent Collection

Sturt has been amassing a collection of Australian contemporary art and craft since the early 1950s. Of National Significance, the Collection tells a fascinating story of Australia’s craft movement, post WWII.

The collection comprises over 800 objects covering ceramics, textiles, woodwork, metalwork, fibre, glass, photographs, documents, machinery and other infrastructure. A rare feature among collections of this kind around the world, almost everything has been created at Sturt by visiting artists, studio leaders and guest tutors.

‘Made at Sturt’ is the defining principle of our ongoing collection policy. Every year, it continues to grow thanks to regular donations and work made by professional artists-in-residence – both national and international.

Archive Gallery

In our Archive Gallery, we present a permanent display of a significant proportion of the collection. You can view this by arrangement or on selected public open dates (including every Sturt exhibition opening) throughout the year.

To discover more, contact Sturt on +61 2 4860 2083.