Current Exhibition

Gesture of Narrative

Sculpture by Vince Vozzo


10 December 2021 - 6 February 2022

Celebrating the strength and imagination of the human spirit with sculpture, drawing, textiles and printmaking.


Artists often explore many mediums within their own practice creating works of art that are embedded with a narrative that can be invisible to the viewer. It is a redefined look at their world retold in a unique way that creates a personal myth. Ideas and symbolic representation evolve as does the medium developing further creativity.  

Alex Janiver, one of Canada’s most prominent Native artists once said: Art is not a substitute for oral story telling but another way to describe reality. It is a way of speaking to the public in my own language to convey what’s inside my spirit.

Artists using a strong narrative often focus on a particular subject or idea. Artists use the power of visual language to ignite imagination, evoke emotions and to explore their own truths in a very individual way.

A stage is set for a personal narrative inviting an audience to fall into the piece and find their own meaning to explore the ideas that have evolved as the work has appeared. 

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