Current Exhibition

A Circle of Makers

Circle of Makers Exhibition



STURT GALLERY – from 1 June 2020

A circle of makers is the title of an exhibition showcasing the talents of our Sturt creative community. Resilience lies at the heart of our community. On 24 March, in our 79th year of operation, Sturt’s creative program and classes stopped and all our planned exhibitions were cancelled. As Sturt emerges from a global crisis that has impacted every aspect of a normal way of living for so many people, we take an opportunity to recognise all the artists and tutors who contribute to our artistic community. 

Artists who make, sell, teach or mentor across all the Frensham school campuses of Frensham, Gib Gate and Sturt are showcased in a new exhibition that is an all-inclusive celebration and ‘salon’ style epic featuring furniture, ceramics and jewellery as well as painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and more.

Ceramics: Simon Bowley, Yolanda Clarkson, Tracey Mitchell
Furniture: Ian Bromley, Steve Giannuzzi, Eliza Mansell, Peter Young
Jewellery: Corinne Snare
Paintings and prints: Phil Alldis, Sara Farmer, Sue Meredith, Phoebe Middleton, Trudi Spencer, Slavica Zivkovic
Photographs: Sophie Piper
Wood: Andrew McMillan