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Current Exhibition

Edge - Exploring Boundaries



Sturt Gallery 16 February - 29 March 2020
Exhibition Opening Sunday 17 February, 11am by David Boucher, Founder and CEO of Boucher & Co

The heartland of accepted practice is well defined, but new insights take place at the periphery. The Studio Woodworkers of Australia are the best of the best. They are among the 20 expert makers who've been invited to design and create work beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone, pushing them to their limits of creativity in Edge, an exciting new exhibition at Sturt Gallery. From Adelaide to Warrandyte, Bungendore to Byron, their work springs from the studios of the most diversely skilled artisans in the country. The result is an inspiring show that renews faith in the value of beautiful things made with incredible patience, skill and intent.

Biogenesis - rescheduled


Please note that this exhibition has been rescheduled (5 April - 24 May) to our 2021 Program due to the COVID-19 Pandemic situation.

Mothers and daughters explore their shared and separate creativity

The bond between family and nature inspired Nettie Sumner to delve into Biogenesis and the concept of ‘like producing like’, and uses wire and clay to create works around this theme. Nettie’s daughter Mercy Sumner creates assemblages using porcelain, hand crocheted silver plated wire and detailed hand painted surface decoration.

Dimity Kidstone has created a collection of tapestries contained within a variety of vintage containers, inspired by collections of objects that she would admire at her grandmother's house as a child. Dimity’s mother Libby Hobbs sees her art as a kind of ‘dance’ between imagination, dreaming and life and has created woven dolls with porcelain faces combining a lifelong love of fabrics and ceramics.

“If all art is a narrative of some kind, then the one I share with my daughter is, I have been told, an obvious one” (Libby Hobbs)