Exhibition Calendar

Sturt Gallery Exhibition Program

Through the exhibition program, Sturt Gallery presents diverse opportunities for artists, designers and makers to showcase their work. In doing so, the Gallery inspires lasting connections with local and regional communities.

A significant producer of its own exhibitions, Sturt Gallery also hosts occasional touring exhibitions with other Australian cultural institutions and galleries.

70 years of breaking ground at Sturt Pottery

Australia’s pioneering pottery celebrates 70 years and the potters who’ve indelibly left their mark. Les Blakebrough, Simon Bowley, Greg Daly, Paul Davis, Janet DeBoos, Simone Fraser, Shannon Garson, Victor Greenaway, Malcolm Greenwood, Steve Harrison, Fiona Hiscock, Kazuya Ishida, Ian Jones, Jann Kesby, Sandy Lockwood, Holly Macdonald, Susie McMeekin, Jeff Mincham, Anne Mossman, Megan Patey, Owen Rye, Fleur Schell, Mitsuo Shoji, Hiroe Swen, Toni Warburton, Steve Williams, Rachel Wood, Ernabella Artists.

28 May - 16 July 2023

Help us mark 70 years of Australia’s pioneering pottery – all day Sunday 28 May 2023

  • 10am Kick off with live demos on Ivan McMeekin’s treasured kick wheel
  • 11am Official exhibition open with Bernadette Mansfield, Editor Ceramics Art + Perception
  • 1-5pm Talks by Grace Cochrane, Susie McMeekin, Ben Richardson, Paul Davis, Steve Williams & Jann Kesby, Janet Deboos

Sturt Archives open all day

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Textiles are given new life. 

Vita Cochran, Michelle Elliott, Liz Gemmell, Cecilia Hefer, Christina Newberry, Emma Peters , Barbara Rogers, Melinda Young, Jane Theau , Liz Williamson.

Opening: Sunday 23 July, 11am.

23 July - 10 September 2023

Spring-themed vase and flower show

Sturt celebrates Spring with this joyful group show featuring ceramicists, floral artists and painters. Chrystie Longworth, Sergei Shatrov, Keiko Matsui, Jacqui Clayton, Cathy Franzi , Jann Kesby, Sandy Lockwood, Helen Fuller, Paul Davis, Minna Graham, Mollie Bosworth, Sarah Ormonde, Hiroe Swen, Jannette Grant Smith, Helen Earl, Terunobu Hirata, Asahio So, Nihariku Hukku, Erin Tsubono, Lisa De Sallis (Basketry), Kim Shannon (Painter)

Opening: Sunday 17 September, 11am.

17 September - 12 November 2023

A showcase of the designer/makers of the future in Sturt School for Wood’s renowned graduate exhibition. Graduation and exhibition opening: Sunday 19 November, 11am. 

19 November - 10 December 2023

Highlands' contemporary textile artist Natalie Miller joins furniture designers, painters and ceramists in this colourful explosion of contemporary craft expression. 'POP' Exhibition Opening + Christmas Shopping evening: Friday 8 December

8 December - 4 February 2024