Exhibition Calendar

Sturt Gallery Exhibition Program

Through the exhibition program, Sturt Gallery presents diverse opportunities for artists, designers and makers to showcase their work. In doing so, the Gallery inspires lasting connections with local and regional communities.

A significant producer of its own exhibitions, Sturt Gallery also hosts occasional touring exhibitions with other Australian cultural institutions and galleries.

16 February - 29 March

Studio Woodworkers Australia
The heartland of accepted practice is well defined, but new insights take place at the periphery. This exhibition is an invitation to design and make at the edge of accepted practice.

1 June - 2 August

Artists who make, sell, teach or mentor across all the Frensham Schools campuses of Frensham, Gib Gate and Sturt are showcased in a new exhibition that is an all-inclusive celebration and 'salon' style epic featuring furniture, ceramics and jewellery as well as painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and more. No opening due to COVID-19 restrictions.

9 August – 13 September

[The process of becoming visible after being concealed, to reappear, and to resurface]
15 artists and makers re-emerge in a time of uncertainty – paintings, drawings, photography, contemporary furniture, sculpture.
No opening due to COVID-19 restrictions.