Winter School

Winter is a whirlwind of creativity when Australia’s finest tutors and artists make the annual pilgrimage to Sturt for Winter School.  Set amidst the inspiring natural surroundings of Sturt and Frensham campuses, the week-long immersive workshops offer an unforgettable experience in the Southern Highlands.

This year, we are offering 16 adult courses and daily children workshops. Courses run Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm with lunch break and illustrated talks by tutors. Accommodation and meal packages are available. See details on each course and tutor and online booking from the link buttons below.

Sturt Winter School 2022  – Monday 4 to Friday 8 July

List of Adult Courses

  1. Painting: Portraits in oils with James King
  2. Watercolour: Landscape - breaking down to build with Phillip Edwards
  3. Painting: Still life in acrylic with Charlotte Thodey
  4. Printmaking: Exploring woodcuts with Michael Schlitz
  5. Drawing & mixed media: A creative approach to still life with Joanna Gambotto
  6. Pastels : Composition confidence with Tricia Taylor
  7. Chinese ink & paper cutting: Contemporary approaches with Tianli Zu
  8. Ceramics: Seductive surfaces with Shannon Garson
  9. Ceramics: Thrown and altered with Kazuya Ishida
  10. Felt making: An exploration in surface and texture with Gill Brooks
  11. Weaving: Braided rugs and sculptural forms from recycled materials with Ilka White
  12. Textiles: Hitomezashi - a stitch in time, the beginnings of Sashiko with Mary Taguchi
  13. Basketry: An exploration of traditional and contemporary techniques with Lissa de Sailes
  14. Wood carving: The articulated winter whale with Hape Kiddle
  15. Wood project: Woven stool - exploring three-way mitres with Steve Giannuzzi
  16. Jewellery: Beyond wax, alternative methods for design & construction with Nicola Bannerman