Code of Conduct


June 2020

Frensham Schools Mission Statement and Guiding Values

We commit to maintain and develop Frensham Schools as a pre-eminent Australian educational environment founded on Christian principles, renowned for its unique combination of values which focus on:

  • emotional and physical health and happiness ~ providing a caring and supportive environment in beautiful surroundings close to nature, and encouraging a sense of wellbeing through teamwork, friendship, self-management and tolerant beliefs
  • unselfish pursuit of excellence ~ exceeding what would otherwise be possible in terms of development, contribution, achievement and leadership, across the totality of the educational experience
  • individual growth ~ challenging and inspiring each member of the community to define, plan for and work towards the achievement of personal goals, with passion and commitment
  • service to others ~ living the challenge of our founders, ‘In Love, Serve One Another’, being active and compassionate in recognising the needs of others and responding with generosity, self-assurance, leadership by example, integrity and humility in all matters in a global community
  • broad experience ~ recognising the need for multifaceted development of each individual, enhancing his or her intellectual, spiritual, aesthetic, social and physical powers, emphasising academic requirements and other long-term life skills
  • innovative and adaptive approaches ~ developing a spirit of enquiry and a love of learning, with a future focus and the capacity to discern, so that students and staff experience the adventure of experiment and the excitement of breaking new ground
A Frensham Schools education offers a values framework which emphasises:
  • the unselfish pursuit of excellence
  • the responsibility to be the best one can be in order to be of service to others
  • the duty to support and encourage others in their development
  • the need to reflect and challenge in order to improve
  • the need to discern what is good and reject what is second rate
  • the duty to care and be purposeful
  • the duty to exercise tolerance and respect
  • the need to build the spirit as well as the intellect

Code of Practice