Current Exhibition

'Alumni 2' – New work by selected graduates Sturt School for Wood 2006-2016

STURT GALLERY  17 February - 7 April 2019
EXHIBITION OPENING: Sunday 17 February, 11am by special guest Raymond Scott, Director of Workshopped

The Sturt School for Wood was established in 1985 as an intensive training place for aspiring fine furniture makers and designers. Over 30 years later, the school has built a national and international reputation offering an unrivalled course taught by some of the best fine furniture makers and teachers working in Australia and overseas.

In this follow-up exhibition to our first Alumni exhibition staged in 2017, we are showcasing makers who graduated from Sturt in the period 2006 to 2016, a time when the School began to establish a national reputation for the quality of the makers it produced. Artists include: Isabel Avendano, Phoebe Everill, Ian Factor, Bailey Farmer, Ray Garnsey, Mark Gudgin, Steve Harper, Darryl Ingate, Christopher Neal, Darren Oates, Grant Robertson, Adrian Spano, Ruth Thompson, and Orest Danylak.