Current Exhibition

'Circling Back' 

New work by Harriet Goodall, sculpture woven in fibre and salvaged metal

Sturt Gallery 

9 June - 28 July 2019

Exhibition Opening 
Sunday 10 June, 11am – to be opened by Sophie Hansen – Author, Food Writer, Blogger and Farmer (Australian Rural Woman of the Year 2016)

Circling Back

Circling Back

SPECIAL DISPLAY: Winter School Artists (Sturt Winter School 8-12 July)

Since childhood, Harriet Goodall found herself drawn to climb through fences and forage old house sites and farm rubbish dumps where old machinery rusts and falls apart or even cars burnt and left on roadsides. Harriet has always collected haunting relics from these sites and been intrigued by the mysterious energy that lingers when things are abandoned. Soon nature begins to reclaim the elements and the indelible marks of age and decay begin. What remains of us when we leave a place? How long do traces of us remain on the landscape?

“I am forever circling back, not just in my dreams, but literally also to collect materials I find by the roadside or in the paddocks. I weave through these fences and burnt out car panels with naturally coloured fibres that mimic the scribbly lines of insects on bark, striations in granite boulders, wending rivers or sheep tracks in dry paddocks. My heart beats for the decay and beauty of inland Australia and this is an elegy for the loss of feeling that I belong there”.

Raised in rural Australia, Harriet Goodall is a full-time sculptor and basket maker exploring the intersection of traditional craft with contemporary art and design. She has taught regular basketry classes for more than ten years in Australia and internationally and has pieces in private and commercial collections.