Current Exhibition

Shadow Poem

Sculpture and installations by Tracey Deep
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25 September to 13 November 2016

Exhibition opening: Sunday 25 September, 11am. 
To be opened by Robin Powell, Garden Columnist at The Sydney Morning Herald.
Tracey Deep’s sculpture and installation art practice has evolved through years of working with nature - inspired by materials rescued from landfill, organic materials and recycled industrial materials. They all share a common thread - a textural form inspiring a concept then a transition to a totally new form through weaving, cutting, hand sewing or whatever it takes to create the inspired form. Tracey uses repetition, rhythm, a poetic play of light and shade. The works, when complete, throw mesmerising shadows that become the sketch and soul of the work.
When Deep fans out the natural fibres (bamboo or driftwood) into circles, she is creating magic circles. Inside the circle of aesthetic nature, there is peace. In this exciting new exhibition Deep creates magic using unexpected materials and her distinctive approaches to engaging with an audience.
'Shadow Poem' Catalogue - click on the thumbnails to enlarge 

(includes catalogue number and details of each piece)

For further enquiry and/or purchases, please contact Sturt Gallery on 02 4860 2083.

Cat 1 'Earth wind ll'. Palm fronds, string fibre 175 x 35 x 145cm. $7,800Cat 2-5 'Sacred Spirit I-IV'. Wire, feather, string 20 x 10 x 20cm. $1,200 eachCat 6 'Wisdom'. Underwire, wire 80 x 25 x 50cm. $7,800Cat 7 'Wind Poem'. Wire, ghost nets 175 x 25 x 80cm. $6,900
Cat 8 'Moonscape'. Rusted wire 75cm diameter. $6,800Cat 9 'Moon River'. Driftwood, string 100 x 25 x 45cm. $4,800Cat 10 'Shadow Song'. Wild grass stems with charred tips 200cm diameter. $9,800Cat 11 'Tree Spirit'. Cork tree branches, string 140 x 25 x 90cm. $6,800
Cat 12 'Songlines'. Coated mesh 85 x 80cm. $3,800Cat 13 'Wind Spirit'. Rusted wire 110cm diameter. $7,800Cat 14 'Free Spirit'. Coated wire 25 x 30 x 25cm. $1,800Cat 15 'Bush Spirit I'. Wooden beads, wire, coconut fibre 20 x 40 x 20cm. $2,200
Cat 16 'Bush Spirit II'. Wooden beads, wire, coconut fibre 20 x 40 x 20cm. $2,200Cat 17 'Shadow Spirit'. Feather, string, wire 40 x 40 x 50cm. $4,600Cat 18 'Shadow Spirit II'. Feather, string, wire 40 x 40 x 25cm. $2,800Cat 19 'Moon Shadow'. Steel, silver chord 200 x 165cm. $8,800
Cat 20 'Spirit'. White bamboo with charred tips 130 x 70 x 80cm. $8,800Cat 21 'Woodwind II'. Wood, string 90cm diameter. $7,800Cat 22 'Day Dream I-VI'. Wire, string 20 x 20cm. $3,800 set of 6Cat 23 'Shadow Play II'. Wooden beads, wire 190 x 100 x 150cm. $9,800