Current Exhibition

Cadence ~ natural rhythm ~  

15 artists sing their own song to nature’s tune

ceramics • furniture • jewellery • painting • printmaking

Sturt Gallery 4 August - 22 September 2019

Opening Sunday 4 August, 11am
to be opened by Cath Derksema ~ Happenstore co-founder, creative community catalyst & doyenne of textile design
Cath Derksema • China de la Vega • Julia Flanagan • Bella Gnecchi Ruscone • Robert Gnecchi Ruscone • Lou Harriss • Chelsea Lemon • Imogen Keen • Penny McManus • Phoebe Middleton • Jane Frances Reilly • Tania Rollond • Virginia Sprague • Lucy Turner • Yvette Marie Tziallas

Rhythm, pace, patterns. Cadence surrounds us and this exhibition is inspired by it. 

We look to repetitive patterns found in fauna and flora together with subtle textures of grain and feathers. We find inspiration in the rhythmic call of tree frogs after an evening of summer rain or in the annual migration of a Bogong moth. We witness the result of unrelenting cadence upon geological formations, where tidal waves etch tessellated sandstone tiles or simply the cadence within the routine rhythm of a human life.

The curator has selected artists for their innovative use of traditional mediums, crafting work that is fresh and original. These are artists working to their own tempo, confident in their individual cadence – singing their own song to their own rhythm.