Current Exhibition

'Ephemeris' Some Notes from The Natural World


Master of Ceramics 

24 September - 12 November 2017 

Exhibition Opening Sunday 24 September, 11am
To be opened by Michael Keighery, Artist & Academic
Although my work as a ceramic artist has pursued a range of themes since my first solo exhibition in 1976, landscape has been a very dominant theme over the past 20 years.
This exhibition, most of which has been made in the Sturt Pottery, during my recent, somewhat brief, but very rewarding residency at Sturt, continues to explore a landscape theme.
The works exhibited are conceived as a series of visual notations of observations of a variety of bushland landscapes that I have become very familiar with.
Immensely varied and constantly changing, what can seem random and accidental, even chaotic is in fact a state of order, playing itself out in continuous flow of life, death, rebirth and regeneration, which we are all part of in the end.
From my standpoint the medium of clay, with all its many and vastly variable characteristics provides a highly viable means of expressing the complexity, uncompromising toughness and sheer wonder of our natural landscapes.
Not surprisingly however once engaged the ceramic process takes over and as the components come into play something unique begins to evolve. Choices must be made as to how much control to exert over this situation, while being ever alert to those unexpected outcomes that can give the works a life of their own.

Jeff Mincham AM
Sturt Ceramic Studio
September 2017