Current Exhibition

Plates, Shapes and Containers

Recent ceramics by Megan Patey

STURT GALLERY from 5 June to 24 July 2016

This exhibition will explore the expressive nature of brushwork on ceramics using on-glaze enamels and reduced lustre firings. Drawing inspiration from the vast world of functional ceramics, Megan’s work uses slips, pigments and glazes as a set of tools for her mark making on platters and containers. 
Megan Patey worked as a potter for fifteen years making decorated earthenware for sale all over Australia. In 1999, Megan was appointed Head of Sturt and worked in this capacity for eleven years. Now Megan has come full circle and is back in the studio once again. Her recent work explores the expressive power of brushstrokes, with the difficult technique of reduced lustre and on glaze enamels. 
I am interested in the expressive character of mark making on ceramics, generated by the action of making and firing. I am not trying to replicate the representational world but am hoping to release the energy inherent in the process of applying slips, brushing and firing to produce the quality I am searching for. I work with on-glaze enamels and reduced lustre techniques. I am fascinated by historical ceramics, and draw inspiration from the vast world of functional ceramics. The works I make generally are for use, although this is not essential.
Megan Patey