Product Showroom

Find more of our products on InstagramSturt Gallery promotes the work of over 300 Australian contemporary craft artists and designers. Below showcases a range of works displayed in Sturt Shop. If you would like specific information about any artist please contact Sturt Gallery direct on 02 4860 2083 or email

L-R: ceramic range by Julie Pennington; ceramic range by Cathy Franzi

L-R: scarf by Jennifer Robertson; celadon & chun range by Susie McMeekin; polka-dot ceramic range by Shannon Garson & ceramic dish by Sandra Bowkett; wooden domed boxes by David Prattis; tablecloth by Dandi. Table by David Upfill-Brown.

L-R: ceramic range by Grey Crowe; bowl by Paul Davis; ceramic range by Sandy Lockwood. Table by Warwick Powis.

L-R: ladles by Helen Earl; cup and pourer by Katherine Mahoney; fish vases by Niharika Hukku. Shelves by Jye Edwards.

L-R: scarves/textiles by Jennifer Robertson; glass bowl by Harriett Schwarzrock; tall vase by Valerie Restarict; porcelain vases by John Tuckwell

L-R: scarves by Bee Bowen; Husque bowls; glass vases and jug by Andrew Baldwin; paperweights by Danielle Rickaby; beaker by John White.

L-R: porcelain range by Anne Mosman; textile by Monique van Nieuwland; necklace by Polka Luka; vases by Kim-Ahn Nguyen.

L-R: Scarves and cushion by Mingei Australia; polka-dot ceramic range by Aleida Pullar; cup with spoon and saucer by Sandra Bowkett; vessels by Mollie Bosworth; cups by Paul Davis; long platter by Kaz Morton.

L-R: scarf/textile by Jennifer Robertson; cushion by Better World; vessels/baskets by Meri Peach; ceramic bottles by Niharika Hukku; hanging vessels/baskets by Melissa Hirsch; scarf by Kay Faulkner.

L-R: vase by Owen Rye; round vase by Simon Bowley; bowls by Roy Chandra; bowls by Bronwyn Kemp; vase by Sallee warner; round platter by Owen Rye; small vase by Roy Chandra.

L-R: cheese boards by Sandsmade; round containers by Renee Jones; ceramics by Katherine Mahoney
L-R: vessels by Keiko Matsui; tray by Darren Oates; dice by Garry Studd; wallets by Chocolate Brownie; rolling pins by Peter Muere; muslin scarves by Mahdi Chandler; resin bangles by Rita Orsini.