Propose an Exhibition


The exhibition program at Sturt Gallery is an important part of Sturt’s objective to promote Australian contemporary craft and craft artists.

The exhibition program is planned one to two years in advance. Proposals are invited from individual artists, groups of artists or other galleries or cultural institutions and are viewed by the Sturt Exhibition Committee which meets three times each year. 

The Exhibition Committee aims to present a varied exhibition program reflecting:

  • diverse media and disciplines in the crafts and contemporary design
  • local as well as interstate and international artists
  • work by individual artists or groups of artists
  • significant relevant state and national touring exhibitions
  • excellent work with regard to artistic merit and presentation
  • exploration of contemporary issues
  • personal expression

Exhibitions generally run for a period of six to eight weeks. Normally, Exhibition openings are held at 11am on Sunday morning, although this is negotiable.

Exhibition proposals for Sturt Gallery should include:

  • Current address and contact details of the proposing artist or coordinator
  • Short biography or curriculum vitae of artist or artists involved.
  • Short description of the concept, ideas or objects to be exhibited which includes how the proposal addresses some or all of the above criteria
  • Preferred dates for exhibition
  • Slides or digital images of the work proposed or similar to the work proposed.


Cost of Exhibition

A standard fee of $1200 (for 2016) is charged for all selling exhibitions to assist Sturt with the costs of staging the exhibition where no other funding or support is available.  Exhibitions usually open on Sundays, and run for 6-8 weeks. This fee covers the following:

The Exhibition fee covers the cost for 1500 double-sided invitations in colour. The cost of extra quantities may be shared equally between the Gallery and the Artist(s). Sturt designs the invitation unless otherwise arranged. Good quality images must be provided by the artist if this is required for the invitation. If digital, the size of the image must be big enough for quality reproduction (over 2 MB in TIFF or JPEG format).

Catering is organised by Sturt. This includes wine, orange juice, mineral water and light finger food for the opening and a buffet lunch for the exhibition participants, staff and guests (max 30 persons) in Sturt Cottage following the opening.

Mailing List
Sturt Gallery pays for distribution/postage to a selected postal/electronic mailing list. The Artist(s) is responsible for payment to personal mailing lists.

Sturt Gallery insures all work at Sturt Gallery.

Sturt Gallery advertises regularly in The Art Guide, Art Almanac, Craft Arts International Magazine, Southern Highland News, Highlands Post, High Life Magazine, Latte Life Southern Highlands, Southern Highlands Holiday Planner, Southern Highlands Tourism listings and publications, Sturt’s website and specialist craft and arts industry journals, newsletters and listings. Extra advertising is negotiated between the Gallery and the Artist. Sturt has an active promotional program and exhibitors benefit from this promotion.

Sturt Gallery’s standard commission for selling exhibitions is 33 1/3% (plus GST on Commission) of the retail price. Payment for work sold will be made within 30 days of the close of the exhibition; however this depends on prompt payment by purchasers.

Three months notice is necessary for cancellation of a proposed exhibition. If notice is not given a cancellation fee of $600 will be charged.

Exhibition Agreement
Artists must agree to sign the exhibition agreement and agree to the stated dates for delivery of works and promotional material.

Decisions on pricing are made by the artist in consultation with Sturt Gallery. A list of works, medium and prices should be submitted at least a week before delivery of works. (If possible, emailed and wherever possible, in table rather than tab format)

Publicity Material & Artists Details
Images for reproduction for publicity must be excellent quality, print, slide or scanned onto CD. This needs to be given to Sturt at least 8 weeks prior to exhibition date. If digital, the size of the image must be big enough for quality reproduction. A current CV for all artists involved is to be supplied by email to Please include an artist’s statement which refers to present work. This need only be very short. GST status form is to be completed and returned. Please include these details at the time of sending your publicity material. From the CV or resume, and artist’s statement, we develop a Media Release which is sent to the media prior to the exhibition.

Opener and Title
Please also include a title for your exhibition and consider a suitable person to open your exhibition.

All freight charges to and from the Gallery is the responsibility of the artist(s).

Works must be delivered on the set date ready for display. This includes all hanging attachments. Arrangement and payment for special fixtures for hanging or display are the responsibility of the artist.