Summer School

NSW Institute of TeachersSturt's annual Summer School was established in 2000 and is growing in popularity over the years. You can now join our Sturt Summer and 'get creative' in the holidays. Hundreds of like-minded people enjoy our cool-climate campus and share courses across a wide range of art forms plus dedicated courses for young people.

Sturt is an endorsed provider of professional development by the NSW Institute of Teachers, so the Summer School is also a great opportunity for educators to learn and expand their skills in an exciting and enjoyable environment.

270 students from all over Australia came to Sturt for our 2016 Summer School that ran from 4 to 9 January. The week was a huge success with 26 courses offering a wide range of art and craft options and daily classes for children. Sturt Summer School 2017 will be scheduled for January, details on courses and tutors will be available in July, followed by online enrolment in August this year.

Images from Sturt Summer School 2016