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Summer School 2015 Courses (5-10 January)

01 Interpreting the portrait through drawing with Barbie Kjar

Explore notions of portraiture, identity and representation while working with life models, photographs and memory. Learn how to read clues from facial expressions and posture to reveal emotions, attitudes and create meaning, investigating alternate ways to represent a person apart from the face, including self-portraiture. Experiment with a range of materials; ink, paint, charcoal, collage and mixed media with 3 days drawing from a life model then focusing on developing your drawings into major works. This course is for those with some drawing experience.

Barbie KjarTasmanian figurative artist, works in drawing, printmaking and sculpture with a Masters in Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Education. Barbie has undertaken residencies in the USA, Spain, Mexico, Japan and Italy and lectures in Drawing and Printmaking at NAS and the University of Tasmania as well as teaching workshops in various locations. She has been selected for numerous national and international drawing and print prize exhibitions, including Bay of Fires Art Prize winner in 2016. With a prolific exhibition record, Barbie’s work is in major collections across the country.

Level: All* | Cost: $765 + 55 materials (includes life model)  *some experience

02 Experimentation, drawing and painting with ink with David Middlebrook

With an introduction to mark making, composition and tonal exploration using brush, dip pen, ink and water, you will develop your skills allowing you to be able to look and draw, exploring elements of conceptual reasons for creating art. You will work in small and large drawing books over the week and while your works may or may not be completed, you will obtain the skills to continue your pursuit of art making.
David Middlebrook’s work explores Australian landscape and current political philosophy. He has an extensive exhibition history, including his most recent exhibition in Ningbo Museum of Art, China where he had a major solo exhibition of 28 large-scale ink drawings on canvas. With a PhD in Australian Art History, David is also a sessional lecturer and post-grad supervisor for students at University of Newcastle.
Level: All | Cost: $765 + $30 materials

03 Drawing matters – an introduction to drawing fundamentals with Marianne Courtenay

This introductory program is designed for beginners and those wishing to strengthen their drawing through a better understanding of the range of basic drawing techniques and materials. Working in the studio and en plein air – from quick sketches to more fully resolved pieces – you will explore different drawing media – charcoal, conte, graphite, ink and wash; different types of papers and surfaces to work on (including dyed paper) and a range of techniques and approaches that will help you produce strong, confident and satisfying drawings. Examine the tradition of artists’ visual diaries with the potential to begin the process of recording thoughts, ideas and images – including drawings – in a diary. By the end of the week you should have a folio of at least 8 fully resolved large drawings, together with a collection of smaller rough-outs and sketches plus, for those who are interested, the beginnings of a 2020 visual diary. 
Marianne Courtenay, artist and printmaker, sees drawing as the basis of her creative practice and since her student days has kept visual diaries that provide a rich source of inspiration and reference for her work. Even her more recent digital prints incorporate drawn elements. Marianne taught drawing, printmaking and painting with the Illawarra Institute of TAFE until classes closed in the Southern Highlands and is an experienced and popular workshop teacher. Marianne has exhibited nationally and internationally for over forty years. Her work is held in private, corporate, government and public collections across Australia including the National Gallery of Australia and a number of major regional galleries.
Level: Beginner-Intermediate | Cost: $765 + 30 materials + pay tutor

04 Landscapes masterclass with A-F Fulgence

From the selection of photographs to the realisation of a series of paintings, learn the many aspects of landscape painting: preparation of painting support, selection of a colour palette, how to mix colours in a simple way for maximum effect. Explore composition, the mood, feeling and atmosphere in acrylic, oil paint and mixed medium gaining confidence and inspiration, to work in a range of mediums and techniques. By the end of the week, you could expect to take home artworks on canvas, paper and a large mixed medium work on paper.
Anne-France Fulgence is an established artist, living and working in Kangaroo Valley, NSW. A-F (as she likes to be called) has been professionally exhibiting her work for the past 17 years fluctuating from portraiture of hunting dogs, to portraiture of their owner, to the wilderness of the Australian land and sea scapes. Born in Morocco, A-F studied in France, before immigrating to Australia, attributing to her French ancestry, her sense of drama and wild romanticism. In addition to exhibiting, A-F teaches drawing and painting workshops locally. Her work has been selected for many art prizes including several wins and highly commended.
Level: All* | Cost: $765 + 10 materials + pay tutor  *some experience

05 Still Life: painting with acrylic with Charlotte Thodey

Explore solutions in the ‘Still Life’ genre with an emphasis on composition, tone and colour decisions to finely detailed finished work with a respect for individual style. Working in acrylics, we use seasonal fruit, foliage, vegetables, china and linen as props. Learn to make big decisions about small things! The process is both meditative and exhausting. 
Charlotte Thodey has exhibited her work for over 25 years and has produced a number of posters for the Botanic Gardens and Historic Houses Trust as well as devising and illustrating books. Charlotte regularly teaches classes at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney and exhibits her work in Australia and France.
Level: All | Cost: $765 + 40 materials

06 Seascapes, rivers and lakes in pastel with Tricia Taylor

Mark a splash with pastel! With lots of exploration that all links to the colour and movement of water, you will learn where the layering of this unique medium gives brilliant results. Experimenting with a variety of water subjects from crashing waves in the ocean, tumbling waterfalls over river rocks to reflections on still water lakes, you will learn the art basics of line, tone, colour and edge, going on to explore the use of watercolour underpainting and how it all applies to painting water subjects. 
Tricia Taylor is best known for her seascapes and international plein air painting tours. Winning many awards, including Pastellist of the Year and being accepted into the International Pastel Exhibition in USA, Tricia’s work has been published in a variety of national art magazines. Tricia’s workshops are in high demand nationally and internationally with her keen interest to teach students with all levels of skill.
Level: All | Cost: $765 + 10 materials

07 Taking risks with watercolour with John Haycraft

Learn the basic principles of planning your painting, spending time sketching up a value plan, thinking about the rhythm of your painting, where you want the centre of attention, all before you make your first mark. With brush in hand, from the first moment to the last, be prepared to be bold and make mistakes! With repeated practice and experimentation, you will gain new understanding. Learn the essentials of composition, tonal values, how colours works and contour drawing, to look critically and ‘find’ your picture in the landscape, the power of greys and how to use complementary colours, perspective, how to get it right and most importantly, how to break the rules and paint with freedom and emotion. 
John Haycraft initially trained as a perspective artist and over the years developed his interest in watercolour as a medium for expressive painting, particularly well adapted for plein-air. An experienced teacher, John is grounded in sound technical knowledge, encouraging his students to look for mood and atmosphere in a painting. Beyond his extensive teaching, John is the author of 3 books as well as a regular exhibitor and award winner. John is represented by Maunsell Wickes at Barry Stern Gallery in Paddington.
Level: All | Cost: $765 + 10 materials

08 Sketching in watercolour with Jane Blundell

Learn the tools and techniques required to help you gain confidence in sketching from life as well as from photos, whether for travel, urban sketching, botanical studies or just for fun. You’ll explore different sorts of pencils, pens and inks to create the perfect sketching watercolour kit before delving into colour mixing, limited palette studies, layouts and lettering to discover many ways to make wonderful sketchbook pages, creating indelible memories of your travels and experiences. The week will also include personalised palette consultations. Some sessions will be held en plein air (weather permitting).
Jane Blundell is an award winning artist and a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute. A passionate teacher and a member of the education committee for the Urban Sketchers organisation, Jane has been sketching in line and colour for over 40 years. While she works in all mediums, her favourite is watercolour. She paints anything – urban landscapes, flowers, rocks, people, still life, whatever – usually from life. Janes’ understanding of colour and pigments is based on years of personal research and exploration, and can be seen on her website, blog and in various publications. Jane is a highly sought after teacher, working national and internationally with her work included in exhibitions in Australia, USA and Singapore.
Level: All | Cost: $765 + 10 materials

09 Stories I tell: contemporary Chinese ink on rice paper with Tianli Zu

Learn novel and unfamiliar methodologies of painting with Chinese ink on rice paper combined with paper cutting. With individual and collective guidance, Dr Zu will guide you through techniques, building an understanding of the multi-layered relationships between the environment and self, both of which are dynamic and ever-changing. Learn procedures that invite and evoke ideas, imagination and inspiration, enriching and extending your art practice with new skills, completing one major work and an art journal over the week. 
Tianli Zu is an award winning Chinese-Australian multimedia artist. Her varied practice explores the complex relationships between light and shadow. With a Master of Fine Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy, Dr Zu is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Western Sydney University with over 30 years’ experience as a practising artist. She has been involved in many public art projects, including Vivid 2019 and has exhibited broadly, nationally and through Asia with her work selected for many art prizes. Dr Zu has lectured and led many workshops in art museums and universities, both nationally and internationally.
Level: All | Cost: $765 + 50 materials

10 Woodcut printmaking with Michael Schlitz

Explore the processes required in woodcut printmaking. Learn approaches and philosophy towards image constructions, image development, tool sharpening, traditional image transfer techniques as well as carbon or rubbing techniques, colour printing, registration methods, hand printing, press setting and printing with a press. Over the week you will create a small body of work using woodcut methods.
Michael Schlitz has studied traditional Japanese Hanga in Awagishima Japan. Using a combination of Eastern and Western techniques in the construction of large scale woodcuts printed by hand, Michael’s imagery is primarily based on the figure in the landscape and reflects experiences felt within the environment he lives in, describing his work as principally autobiographical in nature. With a Masters of Fine Arts, Michael exhibits extensively and his work has been selected for various awards and projects. His work is included in the collection of The National Gallery of Australia and most State Galleries in Australia. Michael has taught printmaking in Tasmanian School of Art, ANU, University of Southern Queensland, RMIT and more.
Level: All* | Cost: $765 + 95 materials  *some experience

11 Photography: the way we were with Robert Billington

Revisit everything old and explore black and white photography styles from 1920-1950s. Recreate and stage classical photographs from your great grandparents’ era, setting up and lighting a portrait using two clicks photography. Learn to identify and utilise light (without flash), how to create staged portraiture, use of basic tripod mounted cameras and reflectors and more. Studying famous portraits, learn the lighting and posing techniques, completing tasks using the methods discussed, followed by photography sessions with a life model. By the end of the week you will have a selection of images emulating romantic/classically staged photographs with the ability to direct and photograph a portrait in the style of the great masters from 99 years ago.
Robert Billington, professional photographer, has won over 100 awards in Australia and England, including the Australian Photographer of the Year, AIPP and twice won the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award. Robert’s photographs have been collected nationally, exhibited and published in Australia, Hong Kong, South East Asia, New York, London, Europe and included in the worldwide M.I.L.K exhibition. Robert was the featured artist for the famous French TV show, Thalassa, documenting his method of portrait and fine art photography. 

Level: Intermediate-Advanced | Cost: $765 + 10 materials + shared cost for life model/costumes

12 Drawing journeys: foldout artists books with Sara Bowen

Maps say as much about the person who made them as about the world they describe! Starting with simple structures for making foldout artist’s books, you will use drawing as the basis to explore experimental mark-making to create visual ‘maps’ of your inner and outer landscapes. Working with paper, you will develop mapping skills; looking at poetry, calligraphy, cartography and symbols as you define your personal geography. At the end of the course, participants will take away at least one innovative book, telling the story of a journey in its folds.
Sara Bowen works mainly on paper and slate, using printmaking techniques, engraving and bookbinding to create small editions of fine art prints, artists’ books and other work. Initially from the UK, Sara exhibits her work nationally and internationally and is the co-founder of international multi-disciplinary collective BookArtObject. Sara is passionate about education and has taught visual arts in private workshops and TAFE for the last ten years. Instagram: saracbowen
Level: All | Cost: $765 + 30 materials

13 Surface texturing metal for jewellery making with Nicola Bannerman

Explore shaping, embossing and finishing metal, from a selection of techniques, to make pendants, earrings and rings. Using silver or copper sheet-metal, learn to cut, file and then bend, curve and shape the metal into 3 dimensional pieces, using doming blocks and folding. Textures and patterns can be applied by hammering or rolling mills, opening up a wealth of creative possibilities. Soldering on findings will complete your pieces. Have fun with experimentation as you play with creative ideas, working towards a small body of work. 
Nicola Bannerman has been designing and making contemporary jewellery for over 20 years, selling through galleries around Australia and online. Her practice includes making several different jewellery collections as well as one off exhibition pieces. Nicola also makes small to large-scale sculptural works in metal by commission. She has extensive teaching experience; teaching the Diploma of Gemmology for 15 years as well as short jewellery making courses.
Level: Beginner-Intermediate | Cost: $765 + 110 materials

14 Knit, weave, lace + wire with Angharad Rixon

Explore different textile techniques that translate into metal wire. Learn to ‘knit like a Viking’, free-form knitting, tablet weaving, braiding and bobbin lace; examining the way in which the techniques were used historically and how that can be used as a contemporary maker. Each technique will be learned by making a small project; a Viking knit bangle, knitted pendant, tablet-woven bracelet, a braided chain and your choice of bobbin lace pendant or earrings. This is the ideal course for makers from diverse genres of fine craft, providing new pathways to inform and change your work.
Angharad Rixon is a technical textile historian specialising in lace and passementerie. Her studies in Italy, Switzerland and Spain have led to her exceptional skillset, specialising in a variety of off-loom techniques. Angharad lectures in Milan and Florence and consults for museums and universities around the world. A generous and inspiring teacher, Angharad runs workshops nationally and internationally, giving students, designers, makers and artists the technical support to bring their ideas into being.
Level: All | Cost: $765 + 75 materials

15 Let your yarn do the talking – simple weaves with amazing yarns with Sue Walker

Some yarns glisten and glean, bend and fold, shrink or stretch and do other crazy things! Weave fabrics that collapse, shrink, stretch, felt and fold using non-traditional materials including stainless steel yarn, vinyl, paper, wire, precious metal thread as well as feltable wool and overtwisted thread. Weave simple structures on pre-warped looms, experimenting with weaving techniques that create texture and highlight unusual threads, yearns and colours. By blending and juxtaposing the experimental yarns with the traditional, create your own unique hand woven fabrics that will definitely start a conversation. Students will learn and extend their knowledge and practice of weaving and textiles. Use one of our looms or bring your own loom/yarns if you wish.
Sue Walker has had a life-long connection to the textile arts; knitting, crochet, sewing, machine embroidery, macramé, screen-printing, weaving – anything involving thread, yarn or fabric has not escaped her textile pursuits! Sue has taught in a variety of educational contexts including school, TAFE, community colleges and university. Currently Sue teaches English and Textiles at high school and runs an online business selling weaving and knitting supplies. She is passionate about creating and supplying beautiful hand dyed yarns and fibres for other textile artists. Sue enjoys weaving on her Louet 32 shaft computerised loom, creating hand woven fabric for clothing and upholstery. With a wide range of yarns at her fingertips, she enjoys experimenting with unusual yarns including paper, wire, felted wool as well as hand dyed wools and silks.
Level: All | Cost: $765 + 10 materials

16 Textile surface design: permission to play with Lisa Walton

Take the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of surface designs, exploring techniques and tools! Learn fabric painting, stamping, rubbing, foiling, screen printing, sun printing, fabric manipulation, stencilling and much more in this class that explores colour, texture and embellishments. Spend the first few days working with a variety of materials and techniques with the final days working on a personal project from your created fabric; an abstract work, a collage or the start of a one off art quilt and the skills to complete future work independently. While focused on fabrics, most of the techniques can also be used on paper.
Lisa Walton is an internationally awarded textile teacher and artist of over 25 years’ experience. As the President of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), Lisa teaches and exhibits her work in Australia and internationally and has appeared on US programmes - Quilting Arts TV and The Quilt Show. She has written both hardcover and eBooks and has been published widely in quilting magazines. Lisa was awarded the Jewel Pearce Patterson International Quilt Teachers Scholarship by the International Quilt Association USA, has had solo and joint exhibitions, and is a member of the textile group - Cloth in Common which exhibits internationally.
Level: All | Cost: $765 + 80 materials

17 Basketry: nested forms with Mary Preece

Create a series of five baskets, both traditional and sculptural, formal and whimsical, which nest inside each other. Mastering a range of basketry techniques, including coiling, plaiting, braiding and twining, explore how to link the nested forms using a variety of materials, techniques and interpretations. Starting small and building confidence, the size of each form increases. Participants will use a range of native plants including leaves of plants such as lomandra, wetland rushes and barks sourced from the South Coast and Southern Highlands by Mary. The techniques of harvesting and preparing fibres will be discussed and the process of eco-dyeing basketry materials and silk fabric with eucalyptus and barks will be demonstrated. Other fibres such as silk, linen, raffia, hemp and cotton will be incorporated into the designs of each basket for colour and texture contrasts. 
Mary Preece has over 30 years experience as an art and design educator, including roles as head of art department and residential tutor. A practising and exhibiting visual artist, Mary currently works in textiles, basketry, drawing and printmaking. The baskets and coiled forms Mary creates from locally sourced materials are inspired by research into, and documentation of, the flora of the Shoalhaven. Mary held an exhibition of basketry, Arabesque at Shoalhaven Regional Gallery in 2018. In her current working life, Mary leads Bundanon Trust’s education team.
Level: Beginner-Intermediate | Cost: $765 + 90 materials

18 Interwoven: creating coil woven forms using colour, texture and expressive movement with Michele Morcos

Be guided through a colourful, interdisciplinary journey that will see you create a sustainable multimedia collection of coil woven forms; artworks for the wall, bowls, jewellery, sculptural pieces that will tap into your natural sense of artistic expression and individual aesthetic of creating. Start with an ‘active’ and fast-paced set of expressive mark-making sessions to help you understand and connect with your creative mind, playing with colour, abstraction and movement. Learn how to design your own textile print on fabric - using your mark-making drawings as inspiration. The final sessions will be spent exploring textured, multi-layered coil woven forms, compiled from an array of colourful materials, some may include your own textile fabrics, natural fibres from the landscape, raffia, rope, recycled fabric, wool, plastics and cotton to create a body of work that tells your own personal woven story.
Michele Morcos is a multimedia visual artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a BA Honours in Art Theory. Michele has exhibited her work widely in solo shows and group exhibitions, has been selected as a finalist for major art prizes, including The Brett Whitely Art Scholarship and the Mosman Art Prize and has completed a number of artist-in-residence programs in Australia and overseas. Michele has taught extensively, including at Macquarie University, The Australian Design Centre and Sturt. Instagram: tinytrappings 
Level: All | Cost: $765 + 50 materials + pay tutor

19 Upcycle; spiral braiding with Ilka White

A great way to recycle old clothes and fabric - learn to make beautiful rag rugs, discovering an inspiring range of colour and design possibilities! This off- loom spiral braiding technique weaves in as it goes with no need to stitch up afterwards. Ideal for rag rugs, the method also lends itself to a wide variety of materials in 2 or 3 dimensions. By altering the tone, texture and contrast of different materials, you can create rugs, basketry and more. Bring your own material to recycle and find out what riches can come from rags.
Ilka White’s practice spans projects in textiles, drawing, sculpture and installation, art-in-community and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Direct engagement with the natural world and an interest in world textile traditions inform her making and teaching practice. Ilka taught Contemporary Art and Design, Weaving and Textile History at RMIT for 12 years and now teaches throughout the country. She exhibits internationally and her work has appeared in a host of publications and public collections. Ilka’s popular workshops reflect the principles of sustainability alongside a love of the handmade and make contemporary use of traditional methods. She is a strong believer in the ability of beauty and creativity to lift the spirit!
Level: All | Cost: $765 + 10 materials

20 Automated sculpture with David Archer

Enjoy the unique experience of designing and constructing your own interactive sculpture. Learn the fundamentals of mechanisms used in automata design; along with construction techniques, modelling, decorating skills and the use of simple hand tools and common power tools. With this basic understanding of automata principles, you will be able to create and “bring to life” your own unique sculpture. Materials are supplied.
David Archer is a maker of ingenious automata, animatronics and paintings. From childhood inventor, through boilermaker to visual artist, David holds a visual arts degree from the SA School of Art and was a resident at the Jam Factory, Adelaide. His work has appeared and been commissioned for many festivals and exhibitions nationally and internationally. A significant exhibition of his work was held at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney in 2014 - 2015. Archer’s work is held in institutional collections and loved in many private collections everywhere.
Level: All | Cost: $765 + 120 materials

21 Ceramics: sophisticated surfaces with Shannon Garson

Explore the world of ceramic colour without using glazes! With a painterly approach, learn to work in an intuitive, expressive way to get layered, sophisticated surfaces, using a mix of underglazes, oxides and glaze stains taking your work to the next level. Kick-start each day with inspirational exercises; visual and writing, field trips through the school grounds, Sturt’s gallery and/or archives, drawing elements of complex subject matter to reference on ceramic surfaces. Looking at the creation of tableware for production and one-off works, learn to extract pottery and design from subject matter that inspires you! By the end of the week you will have a ‘library’ of techniques to use in your studio including colour mixing with combinations of commercial underglaze, glaze stains, slip and oxides, sgraffito drawing and mark making techniques, shellac resist and terra sigilata, creating a small body of work, plus test tiles to take home.
Shannon Garson started her artistic career as a painter, extending her interest into throwing and decorating her own vessels using compound techniques and multiple firing to evoke specific eco-systems. She holds a Masters of Ceramics and is a Churchill Fellow and previous winner of the Gold Coast International Ceramics Award. Shannon has a strong history of community involvement in the arts and is regularly invited to hold workshops and exhibitions nationally and internationally, publishes articles on contemporary ceramics, and has been a presenter at national conferences and symposia.
Level: All | Cost: $815 + 30 materials

22 From tradition to today: handbuilding pots with Merran Esson

Explore ceramic forms using the fundamental techniques of coil and slab, inspired by work from ancient cultures to today. Gain confidence in the ability of your hands to explore form, scale, surface texture and proportion, invigorating your hand building skills to create a small body of personal work. Suitable for both beginners and for those wishing to extend and stimulate their current practice in new ways. Work can be once-fired to 1100º at the end of the course.
Merran Esson expresses her work in the contrast between the extremes of country and city life. Working in clay for over 40 years, Merran has been the finalist in and recipient of a number of grants and prizes, including The Muswellbrook Ceramic Award 2019, Sculpture at Scenic World, Sculpture by the Sea, The Gold Coast Award and more. She has undertaken numerous residencies and has been a visiting artist in many international destinations. Merran has exhibited in the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Galleries of South Australia and Western Australia, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and more including Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Pakistan, Sweden, Germany and Australia. Recently retired as head of Ceramics at the National Art School, Merran is now working as a practising artist, represented by Stella Downer Fine Art, Sydney. 
Level: All | Cost: $815 + 20 (includes 1 firing)

23 Wood turning with Richard Raffan

Dramatically increase your efficiency and confidence at the lathe by working through a wide range of projects designed to develop and refine specific techniques. Each project is simplified or complicated to meet your skill level — before you leave your comfort zone to achieve things you never thought you would, with lots of demonstrations. Initially concentrating on cutting and chucking techniques, by the end of the week you’ll have turned several bowls, boxes, scoops, tops, plates, and possibly a car or pull toy, or you can work on your own pet project. 
Richard Raffan is one of the most respected and sought-after wood turners in the world, whose work was first purchased for major collections in 1973. Since the publication of Turning Wood in 1984, Richard has led over 500 hands-on workshops mostly in North America and Europe. His books and videos Turning Wood, Turned Bowl Design, Turning Bowls, Turning Boxes, Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning, The Art of Turned Bowls, and Turning Toys, have influenced woodturning techniques and design worldwide.
Level: All* | Cost: $865 + 10 materials – BYO lathe / lathe hire  *basic experience

24 Wood project: warp, weft and wood – an intro to seat caning with Isabelle Moore

Construct, shape and cane an elegant, low four-legged stool. Learn the considerations when fabricating elements of frame structures to weave; loading, tension, joint construction, timber selection and ergonomics. Mark out and hand cut interlocking joinery for strength and longevity, create and use templates for accuracy in shaping components, learn glue up and clamping strategies as well as clean up and application of finishes. Learn caning techniques with material preparation, planning and implementation of woven, load-bearing surfaces to complete your elegant stool.
Isabelle Moore is a Parnham College, UK, trained furniture designer maker from Edinburgh Scotland. Her work combines a passion for chairs and seating incorporating woven surfaces. She teaches, exhibits and has work represented in collections both at home and abroad. Exhibitions include the Craft Council (UK) Collect Saatchi Gallery and V&A Museum, London and was recently awarded an Inches Carr Memorial Trust Craft bursary to develop a new body of work exploring fibre and frame construction. 
Level: All* | Cost: $865 + $150 materials *some woodwork experience