23 Wood project: Demilune hall table with Peter Young

Learn well-proven approaches to simplify the difficulty when working with curves. In making the semicircular Demilune table you will learn how to lay out curved elements and make jigs for accurate cutting and joinery. The curved aprons will be made and glued in a 2-part form, mostly using hand-tools, but also the sliding table saw, bandsaw, router table and the Domino system. The top is made from edge-jointed timber, curved with the bandsaw and router, and finished with spoke shaves. 
Peter Young is a professional studio furniture designer-maker dedicated to excellence, with the aim to design and build furniture that stands the test of time. Peter has trained in Australia as well as Canada and the US, developing a wide range of technical skills which he brings to his professional practice and teaching.
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Level: All* | Cost: $710 + $240 materials | *Some experience

Course Coordinator:

Peter Young

Furniture Maker/Designer - QD

'When you are not always working to order, you are free of influence and can instead get really creative and almost design as you go...that freedom is a luxury really'

Course Level: Beginner
Course Fee (Adult): $710
Course Fee (Child): $
Course Material Fee: $240
Course Date/s:03-Jan-2018 07-Jan-2018
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