15 Soft basketry with Jillian Culey

Learn the ancient arts of twined, plait and twilled basket weaving using a range of plant materials, including the collection and preparation of natural fibres. With different bases or starts/finishes, create small sample baskets or bags in each of the techniques and learn different fibres, textures and patterns, considering design and form. Following on to the opportunity to extend your skills into a larger bag, basket or sculptural piece.
Jillian Culey is a fibre artist who is inspired by the natural fibres she uses and by the ancient and universal craft of basket weaving. Jillian’s work explores the woven form: its delicacy and its strength, its simplicity and its complexity. Jillian designs and creates baskets and sculptural pieces for exhibition, retails stores and private collections.
Level: Beginners - Intermediate | Cost: $745 + $100 materials

Course Coordinator:

Jillian Culey

Fibre artist – NSW

Jillian works predominantly with local harvested fibres. She explores and experiments with traditional techniques and functional baskets as well as playing with new ideas and creating more abstract forms.

Course Level: Beginner
Course Fee (Adult): $745
Course Fee (Child): $
Course Material Fee: $100
Course Date/s:08-Jul-2019 12-Jul-2019
Current Capacity: Closed

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