12 Wood carving: one small tree with Jeff Donne

Create a number of beautiful handmade objects. Using knife and axe carving techniques, make a selection of hand carved spoons working up to a complex Swedish eating spoon with a cranked bowl and handle decoration. Learn to make a hand carved marionette stringed puppet, carved in the Czech tradition as well as a selection of tree-craft items such as wall hooks, crochet hooks, knitting needles or animal charms. All from one little tree.
Jeff Donne is a spoon carver and woodcraft teacher, having started his journey with axe and knife over 20 years ago. Running a travelling Spoon School, Jeff is also a key person in the Lost Trades Fair, and is a co-organiser of Spoon Jam, an annual spoon carving festival, teaching alongside Swedish and American master carvers.
Level: All | Cost: $745 + $50 materials

Course Coordinator:

Jeff Donne

Spoon-carver, Woodcraft Teacher

“You’re forever learning. There’s always new cuts, new techniques, new types of wood. In Australia we have around 5,500 different types of tree species to work with, and they’re all different... Anyone can make a spoon in a day, but it’s one of those crafts that takes a lifetime to master."

Course Level: Beginner
Course Fee (Adult): $745
Course Fee (Child): $
Course Material Fee: $50
Course Date/s:08-Jul-2019 12-Jul-2019
Current Capacity: Full

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