02 Watercolour: impressionistic style with Tony Belobrajdic

Paint quick, expressive watercolours with fewer brush strokes. Work with large brushes (sizes 12 or 16), adding shape against shape, stroke by stroke, leaving large areas of paper untouched. Create atmosphere using a limited palette, oversimplifying shapes and avoiding too many details regardless of complexity of subject matter, in this fun, quick approach to creating fresh and spontaneous works.
Tony Belobrajdic studied Architecture and Engineering in Croatia, moving to New York, were he painted and exhibited in water based mediums. Tony has lived and worked in Sydney since 1988, specialising in watercolour but also working in other water-based mediums. He travels and paints overseas frequently in between conducting workshops. Tony’s works are featured in several books and magazines.
Level: All | Cost: $745 + $10 materials

Course Coordinator:

Tony Belobrajdic

Artist, illustrator, tutor - Sydney NSW

Sketched while sitting in a train, sipping coffee and viewing a scene or hiking through a mountain pass, Tony's watercolours certainly make you feel you are there. Paris, Venice and Rome are featured the most. He also sketches and paints scenes of Sydney and its suburbs.

Course Level: Beginner
Course Fee (Adult): $745
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Course Material Fee: $10
Course Date/s:08-Jul-2019 12-Jul-2019
Current Capacity: Full

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