Exhibition Program 2020

Land & Sky – Tony Sheffield
New work capturing the essence of the Southern Highlands by photographer Tony Sheffield.
In traditional and Digital format. Opening Friday 13 December, 6pm (Artisans Night Market from 3pm)
SPECIAL DISPLAY: Pulse – an exhibition of artists books by the Southern Highlands Printmakers.
13 December 2019 – 9 February 2020

EDGE Exploring Boundaries – Studio Woodworkers Australia
The heartland of accepted practice is well defined, but new insights take place at the periphery.
This exhibition is an invitation to design and make at the edge of accepted practice.
Opening Sunday 17 February, 11am with Tools & Techniques Weekend (16 & 17 February)
16 February – 29 March

Bio Genesis – ‘From living beings come similar living beings’
Mothers and daughters explore their shared and separate creativity: Mercy Jo Sumner & Nettie Sumner, Libby Hobbs & Dimity Kidstone. Opening Sunday 5 April, 11am
5 April – 24 June

Return to Nature – Penny Simons
Sculptural forms illustrating the vulnerability and abundance of nature, revealing what can be created with ingenuity from locally foraged materials. Opening Sunday 31 May, 11am
SPECIAL DISPLAY: Winter School artists
31 May – 19 July

The Gesture of Narrative – Stories told through the depiction of the human form in varied mediums (prints, ceramics, sculpture, textiles). Andrew Antoniou Slavica Zivkovic, Mee Sun Kim Park, Amanda Shelsher, Vince Vozzo, Jane Theau, Lucy Turner. Opening Sunday 26 July, 11am
26 July – 13 September

Hiroe Swen – A lifetime of hand-built ceramics
Opening Sunday 20 September, 11am
20 September – 15 November

Sturt School for Wood Graduating Exhibition 2020
Opening & Graduation Saturday 21 November, 11am
21 November – 6 December

The Sound of Blue – ceramics, textiles, photography
Keiko Matsui, Julie Shepherd, Niharika Hukku, Emma Peters, Catherine Capan, Amy Kennedy, Leila Jeffreys, Annika Romeyn. Opening Friday 11 December, 6pm with Artisans Night Market
11 December – February 2021

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