Exhibition Program 2019

New Design 3
New work in the world of craft and design presented in room settings including textiles, wall coverings and furniture.
SPECIAL DISPLAY: National Contemporary Jewellery Award 2018 – Griffith Regional Art Gallery
To 10 February 2019 (Sturt Summer School 3-7 January)

Alumni 2
New work by selected graduates of the Sturt School for Wood 2005-2015.
Tools & Techniques Weekend (16 & 17 February)
17 February – 7 April. Opening Sunday 17 February, 11am

Punu – living wood
Walka work and sculptures by artists from Maruku Arts at Uluru
14 April – 2 June. Opening Sunday 14 April, 11am

Circling Back
New work by Harriet Goodall, sculpture woven in fibre and salvaged metal
SPECIAL DISPLAY: Winter School artists (Sturt Winter School 8-12 July)
9 June – 28 July. Opening Sunday 10 June, 11am

Cadence – a natural rhythm
14 regional artists featuring furniture, ceramics, leatherwork, printmaking, painting and jewellery
Including: Tania Rollond, Lou Harriss, Michelle van Brandt, Chelsea Lemon, Bella Gnecchi Ruscone, Roberto Gnecchi Ruscone, Virginia Sprague, Sarah Cowan, Julia Flanagan, China de La Vega, Phoebe Middleton, Imogen Keen, Cath Derksema, Lucy Turner.
4 August – 22 September. Opening Sunday 4 August, 11am

Recent work by UK ceramic artist Rachel Wood, undertaking a professional residency at Sturt
29 September – 17 November. Opening Sunday 29 September, 11am

Sturt School for Wood Graduating Exhibition 2019
23 November – 8 December. Opening & Graduation Saturday 23 November, 11am

Land & Sky
New work capturing the essence of the Southern Highlands by photographer Tony Sheffield. In traditional and Digital format.
SPECIAL DISPLAY: Pulse – Artists books by the Southern Highlands Printmakers
13 December – February 2020
Opening Friday 13 December, 6pm with Artisans Night Market from 3pm

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