Sturt Permanent Collection

Sturt maintains a collection of Australian post-war contemporary craft. The collection began to develop in the early 1950s and continues to be added to today by the many visiting artists who come to Sturt to live, work and teach in our special environment. Uniquely, almost everything in the Sturt collection was made in Sturt’s own studios and workshops. In 2011, thanks to a Community Heritage Grant from the National Library of Australia, the Sturt Collection was the subject of a significance assessment report (updated 2018) carried out by curator Grace Cochrane. The report found the Sturt collection to be of national significance as one of the most important collections of Australian contemporary craft held outside of our national collecting institutions. The Sturt collection is comprised of almost 800 objects of ceramics, woodwork, jewellery, small metalwork, textiles, glass, basketry, photographs and artwork on paper. The collection also includes significant industrial machinery used (and still in use today) in the making of craft on the Sturt site such as kilns, looms, spinning wheels, potter’s wheels and workbenches.    

70 Years at Sturt Exhibition, 2011In 2012, thanks again to funding from the National Library of Australia, the Sturt collection was the subject of a Preservation Needs Assessment.

Part of the Sturt collection is on permanent display and can be viewed by arrangement or on selected public open dates (including every Sturt exhibition opening) throughout the year. To find out more contact Sturt on 02 4860 2083 or email Mark Viner, Head of Sturt.

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