Our Teachers

Simon Bowley

Studio Leader - Ceramics

Simon studied at ANU School of Art (Ceramics) in 1978-1979 and gained Ceramics Certificate from East Sydney Technical College in 1984. Simon taught at TAFE Illawarra for many years and joined Sturt since 2013 to run the Ceramics Studio. Simon has maintained a continuous practice in his studio at Moss Vale since 1980, producing tableware for retail and exhibitions.

Corinne Snare

Studio Leader - Jewellery/Metalwork

Inspired by the natural world, Corinne translates that into her work by using round and organic forms. Corinne's work predominately revolves around the use of silver, where she mixes this precious metal with other materials such as paper and processes such as water casting. Water casting removes the control over a form by leaving it to chance and makes completely unique pieces that are organic and unpredictable.

Garry Studd

Tutor - Woodwork

Garry Studd has been a keen woodworker his whole life and was inspired at an early age by frequent visits to the workshop of Robert Thompson, the “Mouseman” in Kilburn, North Yorkshire. A graduate of the Sturt School for Wood in 2015, he now works to commission as a designer maker of fine furniture and enjoys transferring his instructional skills learned in different fields to woodworking.

Louise Boscacci

Tutor - Ceramics

Louise Boscacci is an artist,biologist and process thinker who has worked with the materiality of clay and possibilities of ceramics for the past two decades.

Sue Walker

Tutor - Weaving/Textiles

Sue Walker has had a life-long connection to the textile arts – knitting, crochet, sewing, machine embroidery, macramé, screen-printing, weaving – anything involving thread, yarn or fabric has not escaped her textile pursuits! Sue has taught in a variety of educational contexts including school, TAFE, community colleges and university. Sue teaches English and Textiles and Design at a high school and runs an online business selling weaving and knitting supplies.

David Upfill-Brown

Sturt School for Wood - Senior Tutor

One of Australia's leading furniture designer/makers, David studied furniture making and design at Parnham, John Makepeace’s school, in England under the remarkable tutelage of Robert Ingham. David loves teaching and his greatest pleasure is witnessing students find ability deep within themselves, building a connection between teacher and student in what he calls “the realm of ideas” - the collaborative development of a design that must speak of the student but one who has been encouraged to embrace structural, technical and visceral as well as intellectual territory that they may not have dared. David comes regularly to teach at Sturt for many years.

Phoebe Everill

Sturt School for Wood - Tutor

Phoebe Everill is a third generation wood worker with a passion for beautiful timbers and the details that make them sing. Defying convention as a female tradie, she established a successful carpentry and renovations business that focussed on personalised designs and exquisite finishing. She then turned her eye to fine furniture by studying at Sturt School for Wood in 2009. In 2011 she completed a Certificate IV in Furniture Design & Technology. 2012 sees her awarded an Artist in Residence at Sturt to further develop her portfolio. Phoebe is an accomplished and popular teacher, with experience teaching a wide range of students ranging from children to adult classes.

Neil Erasmus

Sturt School for Wood - Tutor

Neil Erasmus is a third generation furniture designer, maker and teacher. Neil’s style, while uniquely his own, is heavily influenced by the integrity of workmanship espoused by the Arts and Crafts and Shaker movements. Neil and his wife Pam established the Erasmus School of Creative Arts in 2010. His knowledge and skills of fine furniture making and teaching ability have facilitated travel to many parts of the world, including the USA where he teaches at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship.

Paul Nicholson

Sturt School for Wood - Tutor

Graduated from the Sturt School for Wood in 2003, Paul is a member of Splinter Workshop and a regular teacher at Sturt. Paul feels strongly about the need to preserve the traditional skills and techniques of woodwork which reflected in his approach of teaching.

Peter Young

Sturt School for Wood - Tutor

Peter is a craftsman who is dedicated to excellence. From hand-cut dovetails to a glowing finish, every detail is important. Peter designs and builds furniture which will still be in use and valued in 200 years time. His philosophy is in keeping with an emerging trend to have fewer but better quality pieces of furniture in our homes, made by local craftsmen using renewable local resources. Peter worked for many years as a research scientist but has now returned to his first passion for making quality furniture using traditional methods. He has trained in Australia, Canada and the USA to develop a wide range of technical skills which he brings to each handcrafted piece.

Roy Schack

Sturt School for Wood - Tutor

Having graduated from Sturt School for Wood in 1994 under the guidance and influence of Tom Harrington, Roy equally enjoys making and teaching from his studio in Brisbane.
"Aesthetically, I’m drawn to a trilogy of styles, Danish, Japanese and Shaker. And I’m drawn to the honesty of hand made. Slow made."